Breeding Clearance

We offer two ways for breeders to screen breeding stock at a discounted rate: through our office once monthly on the 3rd Friday of the month OR via or breeding clearance on the weekends. All participants in a clinic must register online through our website and appointments are pre-paid. The scheduling of appointments can be done by either our office or a member of the club who organized the clinic.

Animals currently being treated for cardiac disease should see us through regular hours unless the practice manager gives you permission to bring your animal to the clinic. Our goal is to provide the best care to our patient's and as such animals currently being treated for heart disease need more time/attention then the clearance clinics allow.

Echocardiogram appointments at these clinics are scheduled for 30 minutes, auscultations for 7 minutes and 24-holter monitors for 15 minutes. The animals must be atleast 6 months of age (OFA does not allow submission of OFA forms until 1 year of age) and, to the best of your knowledge, healthy.

For for a complete list of upcoming clinic, please see the Clinic Calendar.

If you are interested in planning a clinic, contact us at (413) 734-1292 OR

Monthly Breeding Clearance-- 3rd Friday of each month

ttn Breeders: MVCS will be offering monthly breeding clearance clinics on the 3rd Friday of the month from 830 AM to 430 PM.

These clinics will be at the discounted rates and are for well dogs or cats being screened for breeding purposes. As with our breeding clearance clinics on the weekends, pre-payment is required to hold your space.

With the addition of these clinics, we will ONLY be offering breeding clearance either via these monthly breeding clearance clinics or those breeding clearance organized on the weekends.

Dates for 2018 are as follows: 01/19,2/16,3/16,4/20,05/18,06/22 07/20, 08/17, 09/21, 10/19, 11/16, and 12/21.

To sign-up for the monthly clinics, call the office at 413-734-1292 or

Full Day Clinic

All Full day clinics require at least two (2) months advance notice for scheduling and can be held either during our regular business hours or on a weekend. We require a minimum of sixteen (16) echocardiograms or some combination of echocardiograms and auscultation as approved by Dr. Morris.

To see the list of upcoming clinics, please go to our BR clearance calendar