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Screening Tools


An auscultation is where the cardiologist uses the stethoscope to listen to your animal's heart. The exam should be performed in a quiet environment and your animal should be as calm as possible. An excited, panting dog and/or noise environment can cause the cardiologist to miss a faint murmur. Additionally, if your breed clears by auscultation, it is advised that you have your dog screened annually even once s/he is no longer in the breeding program. The auscultation cannot rule out minor cardiac abnormalities and/or congenital defects that do not become apparent until/unless they are severe. The test takes about 5 minutes.


An echocardiogram examines the structure and function of your animal's heart. This is a more precise manner to detect underlying cardiac disease. The cardiac disease your breed is prone to determines whether or not your animal should be screened once in their life time or annually. The test takes approximately 30 minutes; 10-15 minutes to collect the images and another 10 minutes for our cardiologist to measure and write the report. You will receive a copy of the report.

24-Holter Monitor OR EKG

24-Holter Monitor OR EKG
An EKG and 24-Holter monitor examine the electrical activity of the heart looking for abnormal rhythms and/or rates. Depeding on your breed, you may need to have either an EKG done or a 24-Holter monitor as part of your clearances. Breeds that require a 24-holter monitor may require annually or semi-annual testing. If your breed requires regular 24-holter, we recommend you consider purchasing your own monitor as it will, over time, reduce your expenses and make it easier and more affordable for you to screen your breeding stock.

Litter Auscultation

The cardiologist listens to the heart's on a litter of puppies. Fees are based on litter size- 5 or less OR 6 or more.

Litter Aortic Root Echo

For breeds prone to SAS, this mini echo looks specifically at the aortic root region for signs of SAS to assist breeders with making decisions about placing/keeping puppies. This is not a full echocardiogram and does not replace that. Any puppy with findings suggestive of SAS should have a complete echocardiogram in the future. Rates are based on litter size- 5 or less OR 6 or more.
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