Short axis view of the left ventricle. If you look through the center of the ventricle, you can see the mitral valve.

Please note: We are in the Agawam office Monday- Friday 8-5. Our South Deerfield office has been closed down as of June 1st 2019. All cardiac appointments will be seen in Agawam on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week

NEW: Beginning in November 2018, We will be holding discounted breeding clearances on the 3rd friday of every other month. Please go to Breeding Clearancefor more information

Your pet deserves the best diagnostic imaging services available. We are proud to be able to offer you specialty cardiology services by board-certified specialists, Nancy Morris DVM, Diplomat ACVIM in Cardiology.

Our first goal is to provide pet owners and veterinarians the opportunity to incorporate advanced cardiology diagnostics, sophisticated equipment, and the expertise of veterinary specialist cardiologists into their general practices. Mass Vet Cardiology's main goal is to become an extension of general practices and maintain a close working relationship with your family veterinarian, to diagnose and treat your pet's heart condition.

Our secondary goal is to provide affordable cardiology screening to pure bred dog and cat breeders so that we may work together to identify dogs with hereditary heart diseases and remove them from breeding programs.